Blog Post: Saving Lives

Students gathered in the library to donate blood. Shown donating are Form IV students Suzi Wilnard (front) and Helena Zephenia (back) while others wait their turn.

Saving Lives
By: Paskali Sulle and Loomoni Morwo

Last week students donated blood in order to save the lives of others. This was done by the organization called National Blood Transfusion Service.

Given Mwai Pungu is the leader of this organization. His interest in this job came when he was small. “I had a dream of saving people’s lives so when I was in University I studied Social Work so that I could reach my goal.” he said.

After blood is donated, it is carried in the car inside a refrigerator which is to -2 degrees celsius or below. From the school, the blood goes to the National Blood Transfusion Lab in Moshi for testing. Blood is tested for diseases like HIV and others as well as the type: A, B, OB or O. The blood will be given to people that need it, people who are sick or have been injured, people who might die without more blood.

The advantages for students who donate are that they will know that they have done something good. Because the blood is tested they will also know their type. In total there were forty four people who donated at Orkeeswa, including four teachers. That means with each person giving 1 pint, the school made a contribution of 44 pints in total.

Kiepoy, a Form IV student explained “I donated blood because people could die without it. I would like to know that I helped to save a life. I felt just a little bit of pain and it only took them 15 minutes to finish to donate my blood.”

Paskali Sulle and Loomoni Morwo are both Form III students at Orkeeswa Secondary School and past members of the Journalism Club.


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