Blog Post: Peter Leon’s Visit to Orkeeswa

Peter Leon’s Visit to Orkeeswa

By: Saing’orie Sangau

We were lucky last week to have a special guest from Karatu, a town a few miles away from Orkeeswa, who talked about his background, how he grew up and his education.

Peter Leon is a man who runs Rift Valley Children’s Fund, an orphanage centre in Karatu with the aim of changing the harsh living conditions of the students through good care and schooling.

Hearing Mr. Leon speak, I remembered that I must be tolerant, hard working and also develop skills to help myself and others in my community. He talked about the many challenges he faced without fear in order to be where he is today. I was able to reflect on my life and compare mine with his because he is from my country. Mostly though, he reminded me that I am lucky to be at a good school.

Saing’orie Sangau is a Form V student at Orkeeswa Secondary School.

You can learn more about Mr. Leon’s project by following this link:


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