Blog Posting: A Sample of Our Gratitude

Ester Yohana poses with Grace Matthews during Grace’s visit with her family to Orkeeswa.

A Sample of our Gratitude

Dear Matthews Family,
I thank you my dearest sponsors. My gratitude I extend. To you I indeed owe my education. All your support I shall never forget. For all you have done for me, I most sincerely thank you. A thousand words can not really say the gratitude that I wish to convey.
The way you are taking care of my education as though I am your child who needs care, may you all be blessed. I really mean these words “THANK YOU VERY MUCH.”
Your understanding and kindness has brought me much happiness. You are a wonderful family. For you sacrifice, for all your concern and care and all your advice, for your love beyond compare, for all your effort I sincerely like to say thank you.
May you be blessed. May lots of joy come to visit your family. May you have millions of cups, plates and spoons of peace and love. Let me truly say these words from the inside of my heart, God bless you.

Thank you very much for all of your effort to support my education.

From, loving Ester


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