Let the Rain Fall

Naeku and Anna are zipped up and ready for their walk home.

Let the Rain Fall

A few weeks ago, the first big rains of this year’s rainy season began. It is the spring season when it rains, from March to June. I am very happy about this rain because we can now use this rain water instead of fetching and buying water from far away. Normally, I have to walk over 3 kilometers and pay 100 shillings to get one bucket of water.

The day the rain started, at lunch, I guessed that it was going to come. My prediction became true when we were on our way to Kisa class at Moringe Secondary School that afternoon. I was very happy because I love the rain. Our community depends on the rain to help grow our food, drinking water, cleaning and for livestock. Every person and organism in Monduli is dependent on rain for their daily needs.

By Naeke Logolye

Naeku Logolye is a Form Four student and the Vice President of the Student Body. Like many students at Orkeeswa, her parents are farmers and their livelihoods depend on a good rainy season.


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