Scrabble- An Orkeeswa Pastime

For this Scrabble competition, Nickson and Lais used good strategy to make high-scoring words, but it was the female duo of Suzanne and Naeku that eventually won the game with the word “zags.”

An Orkeeswa Pastime

Scrabble is a game in which a player uses letters to make a complete meaningful word. This game can be played by two or more people, either individually or in groups. In Orkeeswa Secondary School there are four students who choose Scrabble as their favourite game to play in the library. These students are Naeku, Nickson, Suzanne, and myself. We’re all in Form Three.

We all have different reasons for liking Scrabble. Naeku does not play sports so playing Scrabble gives her something to do. When I was in Form Two, I used to play Scrabble three times a week. Suzanne got a Scrabble certificate in Form Two.

Between the four of us, everybody gets to win at a different time; there is no one champion within us. For just one word, we’ve been able to get over 36 points. Whenever one of us makes a word with “q” or “z” or “x”, we feel very proud.

We like to play scrabble because it helps us learn new words. It is also fun. One time, Naeku wanted to spell the word, “giraffe,” but she spelled it as g-i-r-a-f. Allison said it was wrong and we all thought it was so funny. Besides spelling, playing Scrabble has also taught me something else – practice a lot and you will do very well.

Lais Lazaro, Form Three


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