The Importance of Sports

Flora Kipapurwa (most left) stands with netball team mates Neema Saitabau, Christina Seth, Nengai Mesareiki, Anna Tataya, Maria Payani, and Diana Lekiton. The team recently played against St. Jude’s School at a sports day hosted by Orkeeswa. The final score was Orkeeswa-19 and St. Jude’s-12.

Playing Sports at Orkeeswa Opens Many Doors

My name is Flora Kipapurwa. I am a Form Three student and I am an athlete. At Orkeeswa School, we have different sports like basketball, netball, football, volleyball and many others. I like to play sports a lot because sports make my body to become healthy, active, and strong. Sports are really important because they help me to release stress sometimes.

Sports also create opportunities, like you may get a chance to travel. For example, I have been to different places, like Moshi and Arusha, just because of sports. I had never been to these places before. Orkeeswa students also participate in sporting events that are outside of the school, like UMISETA. This is an event where they choose the best players from schools all over the Arusha region and the aim is to take those players to go to play against the players from all over Tanzania. Some Orkeeswa students have participated in UMISETA whereby they got a chance to travel to Dar es Salaam.

Sports also create friendships. The students from Orkeeswa have created friendships with students from other schools, like the International School of Moshi (ISM), St. Jude’s School and some public schools around the area. I would like to encourage my fellow students to participate in sports because sports can also help you in your future.

Flora Kipapurwa, Form Three


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