Caring for the Rabbits

Dickson is an involved Form One student who cares for Orkeeswa’s rabbits as a part of his Agriculture class, and he is also one of the class leaders who takes special interest in this project and ensures that all students are attending to and caring for the rabbits.

Caring for the Rabbits

In our Form One class, we break up into five different groups because there are five days in a week that we come to school. Each group has to take care of the rabbit on one day of a week. In my group, we take care of them on Wednesday, but I go there every day.

We give the rabbits food several times a day. The rabbits eat cabbage, bread and a type of vegetable called mchicha. One day, we did an experiment to find the rabbits’ favorite food. We took cabbage and mchicha and then we gave to them. They ate cabbage very fast, which means their favorite food is cabbage. We are still experimenting to find new and healthy food for the rabbits.

I enjoy the job of taking care of rabbits because it is another part of agriculture. Before we got rabbits at Orkeeswa, I didn’t know how to care for them, but now I know. I found out that rabbits are much easier to keep at school than home, and I also now know that is not easy for them to get diseases.

We’ve only had the rabbits for a few months, so that’s why we are still doing a lot of experiments. Keeping the rabbits sounds like a lot of work in this story, but when you are actually keeping them, it’s very easy.

Dickson Sampson, Form One


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