Computer Time at Orkeeswa!

Tajiri Lemta, Stephano Saning’o, and Lazaro Mesarieki are just three of many students learning vital computer skills that will help them at Orkeeswa and beyond.

Computer Time Has Come to Orkeeswa

Orkeeswa Secondary School is one of the most wonderful schools in Tanzania and it is growing every day. Orkeeswa has such fantastic students who like reading, learning, and enjoy having significant things like computers. There are about thirty computers in Orkeeswa, which are used by the students to type, play computer games and learn from educational programmes that are found on our computers.

My name is Nickson Obedi. I’m a student of Orkeeswa Secondary School and I am one of the students who likes using computers. The day I heard that we were going to use computers I felt good because I knew the time had come for me to learn how to use computers. It was incredible because I never thought something like that would ever happen in our school. I appreciate the work our teachers and the IEFT organisation did and now is the time for us students to use the computers in an appropriate way and gain a lot of knowledge from them.

Nickson Obedi, Form Three


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