Sabore runs for Orkeeswa

Sabore N is pictured here (far right) with fellow Orkeeswa runners, Sabore S and Lucas at the 2012 Kilimanjaro half marathon.


I like running because I am a talented runner. Also, I like running because I get exercise that helps me in other activities which require running. For example, I can play soccer well because I run. When I go to competitions, I like to meet new people and exchange ideas.

This year, I have competed in two half marathons, the Kilimanjaro half marathon and the Arusha half marathon. I also ran at the Braeburn cross-country meet, the Orkeeswa cross country invitational and, just this weekend, I ran in the 1500 meters at the ISM Track and Field meet. I did well in all of these events. I have run the Arusha half marathon and the ISM Track and Field meet in past two years as well.

In February I will compete in the Kilimanjaro half marathon again and I hope to begin running full marathons soon. My dream is to continue running and one day end up running professionally. I don’t know if I can run faster and farther than others, but I have learned at Orkeeswa to never give up and always try my best!

Sabore Naisike, Form Two


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