Making Science a Reality

Lais Lazaro, Nickson Obedi, Gidion Thomas, and Jackline Bariki use the science lab to perform experiments for Science Club.

Making Science a Reality

It was July 2012 when Orkeeswa Secondary School started having a science laboratory with equipment. Before this month Orkeeswa students had never used the science lab for any practicals in the science subjects. It was within July when I started doing experiments in the science lab. I was really happy to go to the science lab to conduct experiments because I had never used the lab before. The first experiment I did in the science lab was for the chemistry topic volumetric analysis.

Before we had the science lab, it was really difficult for me to understand the teacher without doing experiments to know the reality of what the teacher was teaching. Doing experiments is important and I am very happy to know how to do experiments. Doing experiments within the lab has great importance toward my life. Doing experiments helps me answer the exams which involve practical questions. This also helps me to remember much more about what the teacher has taught me. Through experiments, I get to know how different things are formed. Doing experiments is a great way to develop and gain more knowledge in science subjects because we get to know things in reality.

Lais Lazaro, Form Three


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