Getting Ready to go to the USA

At Orkeeswa, Victoria is a leader in many ways – in sports, in the classroom, and among her female peers. Through the US Embassy’s Youth Leadership Exchange, Victoria will learn new skills that will affect her classmates and her community.

Getting Ready

I went to Dar es Salaam on 5th September in order to get my visa to go to America through the US Embassy’s Youth Leadership Exchange. When I arrived, I met my fellow students who are from different places like South Africa and Kilimanjaro. I was very happy to be in Dar es Salaam because the place is very good, especially the hotel I stayed in. The name of that hotel is the Lion Hotel and it is located in Sinza Place. On 6th September, I went to the Embassy to apply for my visa and the next day, I went to the hospital. After that, I went to take pictures while finishing up the visa interview. The interview was not difficult. Then I went to the booking office to get the tickets. At 4 am, I started my safari back to Arusha. I left Dar es Salaam around 6 am and reached home around 9 pm.

I’m very happy and excited for my trip which leaves on 25th October. I’m very proud of having been chosen to represent my country abroad. I’m looking forward to learning about the USA and my fellow participants’ cultures. I also can’t wait to share my ideas and make new friends.

Victoria Samora, Form Four


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